Best Premium Sewing Machine Needles - Clover Needlecraft - Assorted Variety


Best Premium Machine Needles - Clover Needlecraft - Assorted Variety.

Sewing machine needles come in a variety of sizes and types. Consider the fabric you will be stitching on and the thread you will be using. Using the right needle point and size in combination with the fabric and thread is essential to produce smooth and consistent stitches.

Universal Needles
Has a slightly rounded ball point for general sewing, making it suitable for use with most wovens and knits. It also works great on tightly woven knits where a ball point would be too big. It has a long scarf that is great for zigzag stitching.

Titanium Needles
Named for the type of coating applied to the standard steel needle. The titanium nitride coating is permanently attached to the needle. This coating increases the wear resistance on the needle and anti-adhesion properties. Titanium needles resist sticky back stabilizers and spray adhesives from attaching to and diminishing the performance of the needle.

Jersey Needles
Has a rounded, semi-spherical ball point whose diameter is approximately 20% of the blade's diameter. These needles are designed to alleviate making holes in knit or loosely woven materials. The rounded tip slips between yarns rather than piercing them. Used for knits and stretchy fabrics.

Super Stretch Needles
Designed to sew on highly elastic, synthetic and knit fabrics. It is distinguished by its medium ball point, deep scarf and a uniquely shaped eye that holds the thread in position to prevent skipped stitches. The slightly tapered point reduces snags and damage to elastic materials.

Microtex Needles
Has a very sharp, acute point. It is ideal for sewing on fine wovens or any other application where it is important to pierce the fabric. This prevents "puckering" on delicate fabrics. It was developed for the modern micro-fibers, polyesters and high thread count, high quality fabrics.

Denim Needles
Has a very sharp, acute point with a slender eye and a strong shaft. The sharp point is necessary to penetrate heavy fabrics like denim and canvas. The slender eye holds the thread in place for proper loop formation. The strong shaft prevents deflection of the needle and insures accurate needle placement for stitch formation.

Quilting Needles
Has an acute point and a tapered tip for stitching through multiple layers of high quality fabric and across intersecting seams. The shape of the point minimizes damage/impact on to the quilting fabric. The thin tapered design of these needles allows them to pass through many layers smoothly to help eliminate skipped stitches and keep stitches even.

Embroidery Needles
Has a slight ball point, an enlarged eye and a special scarf to protect specialized decorative threads during the embroidery process. The slightly rounded point makes it suitable for use with a wide variety of fabrics. The larger eye and larger dimensions in the groove profile means improved thread protection and thread handling when embroidering with heavy threads, special effect yarns, foil bands and delicate threads. A unique scarf design controlling the passage of the needle thread between the eye and the scarf enables the needle to form a better loop and reduce the risk of skipped stitches.

Metallic Needles
Specifically designed to handle the more fragile metallic threads. It has a large, elongated eye, larger scarf, and a larger groove to protect the more fragile metallic threads during stitch formation. The point is slight rounded to enable stitching on a variety of materials

Topstitch Needles
Has an extra large eye and a much deeper groove for use with either heavier fabrics and/or heavier threads. The slightly rounded point aids in piercing heavier woven fabrics. It is also suitable for doubling of threads for more pronounced stitching. Since this needle has an enlarged eye, you an apply heavier threads while using a smaller cross section needle.

Blue Tip Needle
Has a slight ball point for use with both woven and knight fabrics. Ultra smooth and enlarged eye enables skip free embroidery even with the most detailed designs.

Anti-Glue Needles
Has a slight ball point for use on all types of fabric. Industry unique coating allows extensive sewing and embroidery using spray adhesive and sticky back stabilizers without danger of fouling the needle groove and shaft.

Multi Box
Includes a variety of needles including the Twin Needle. Two needles are put on a single crossbar attached to a single shaft and used to create two rows of stitches, creating perfectly parallel rows of stitching in one pass using a single bobbin thread. Each Multi Box includes: 1 Stretch, 1 Denim, 2 Universal, and 1 Twin needle.

Combi Box
Includes a variety of needles including Denim, Super Stretch, and Universal Needles.


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